Re: [css-flexbox] Honor percent heights on children of stretched flex items (when flex container has fixed height)?

On 02/05/2014 06:40 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> Were you watching the #whatwg channel?  Or is it just coincidence that
> you bring this up when I answered a question for someone about this
> exact issue earlier today?

I think I was talking to that same guy on stackoverflow[1]  -- I
suggested using "min-height: 100%" on a grandchild of a flex container,
and then noticed that it didn't work in Chrome, which prompted me to dig
further & send this email. He mentioned there that he'd spoken to you &
that you suggested something else that worked.)

> And yes, Flexbox explicitly calls this out in its own definition of
> "definite".  (But that's really just a consequence of the general
> definition.)

Cool. That's what I thought; I just wanted to be sure the general
definition's "specified explicitly" text wasn't meant to be taken too

Thanks for the quick response!  I'll go ahead and file some bugs.



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