Re: [css-grid] Punt subgrids to level 2?

On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 1:55 AM, François REMY
<> wrote:
> ± Given that the rest of Grid's recent changes are minor tweaks that will
> ± require only a tiny bit of implementation work before we're ready to ship
> ± publicly, I'd like to ask to remove the subgrid functionality from level 1 of the
> ± spec.
> As a person who supported the request for addition of this feature (by fantasai), I agree. It's a good feature the platform should have, but it's not a "level 1" feature aka a feature that the platform really needs in order to be useful.
> However, if the feature is to be dropped from the level 1, it would be good to get the level 2 started.

I'd shift the text into something else temporarily.  I find it's
actually rather annoying working on two levels at the same time, at
least until the lower level mostly stabilizes, because you have to
maintain edits across the two or deal with them desyncing.


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