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On 03/02/2014 00:54, Jens O. Meiert wrote:
> Hey guys—
> what does the group understand as “CSS 4”? Is this written down
> somewhere? Would it mean something like “all of CSS 3, plus anything
> marked ‘CSS 4’,” or would CSS 4 extend/duplicate all CSS 3 modules
> when times are right? Or, are there considerations to move over to a
> “living standard” model too, making “CSS 4” somewhat of an auxiliary
> concept only for module versioning and such?
> Sorry if I missed prior conversations, and thanks for clarifying!
> (By the way, apart from concrete understanding my aim is to learn
> enough to decide whether we need a “CSS 4” column in
> <> or not. If you have a
> view on that, please let me know.)


I agree with Tab here: , and I believe a 
large part of the group does too.

Last week we discussed moving some Selectors level 4 features to level 
5, in order to stabilize and publish the former. At the same time, we 
have new features in level 1 that are part of what people tend to call 

I haven’t heard of making individual CSS WG documents living standards, 
but CSS as a whole is effectively one, with modules that progress each 
at a different pace.

Version or level number for CSS as a whole do not make sense anymore 
(and haven’t since after level 2) in my opinion.

Do you think it useful if the group (as opposed to individual members) 
takes a position on this and writes it down somewhere?

Simon Sapin

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