[css-flexbox] max-content sizing of flex containers is wrong

Just noticed that the max-content sizing rules for flexboxes is wrong.
It takes the sum of the max-content contributions of its items. But
actually, it needs to account for flex factors, the same way the grid
layout algorithm does.

     <item>foo foo foo</item>

   item { flex: 1; }

Suppose "foo" is approximately 3em wide.
The max-content contribution of the first item is ~9em.
The max-content contribution of the second item is ~3em.
The max-content size of the flexbox is therefore defined to be 12em.

Since the flex basis is zero and flex is one, after flex layout
each item is 6em wide. The contents of the first item wrap into
the 6em, and max-content's definition fails, 'cuz wrapping.


Received on Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:20:29 UTC