[css-text] Issues for Review: line-breaking, soft hyphens, renaming distribute, indic letter-spacing

Hello everyone,
We're trying to finish off the Disposition of Comments for CSS3 Text.
There are a bunch of issues that I think require WG review:

Line breaking references to UAX14:
     This is about a change we accepted that violates UAX14.
     in order to preserve Web-compat.
     This is about not normatively referencing all of UAX14.

Soft hyphens suppressing hyphenation:
   Old text said that the soft hyphen was prioritized.
   New text suppresses all other points within the word.
   (Search for "soft hyphen" in the emails to find discussion.)

Renaming 'distribute' to 'inter-character':
   Briefly, 'inter-character' is clearer, 'distribute' is legacy.
   We can't not support 'distribute', but we may want to
   consider also supporting 'inter-character' (as a duplicate)
   going forward, since 'distribute' seems to confuse people.

Indic letter-spacing:
   We decided not to include any further details because we
   don't have enough knowledge to provide them normatively.
   (UAs are given sufficient allowances to do the right
   thing, but we give no guidance on what that is.)

   Note: Apparently the Indic WG is impressed with Gecko's

Open issues not ready for WG discussion:

Shaping across inline boundaries:
     (This one is about ways to force-break shaping.)
     (This one is about clarifying when things should join.)
     (This is the thread for proposal to solve both issues.)
   Note: It's possible this belongs in Fonts rather than Text.

Rendering control characters:
   Waiting on MSFT's approval.

   This one's still under discussion.


Received on Monday, 18 August 2014 18:18:17 UTC