[cssom] Allowing multiple @imports of the same url to be deduped

Relevant Chrome bug https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=349978

Web Components have a problem currently, that both <link
rel=stylesheet> and @import are defined to always import freshly;
every use hits the network again (unless you have cache headers) and
constructs fresh objects.

If you're on your dev server and aren't sending cache headers, or are
on an uncontrolled server that you can't adjust headers for, or are
serving code from a Chrome App or similar where you can't tweak
headers, this means that including any stylesheets in your component
will produce a *ton* of network traffic for no good reason.  Because
of this, best practice is currently to either inline your styles in a
<style>, or have your component setup code grab the styles via XHR and
then create <style> elements with the retrieved text in each

On a related note, Hixie is trying to integrate the various "import"
mechanisms between HTML, CSS, and JS (on top of JS's module system),
so you can retrieve things via `import` statements in JS, and they can
all share a common dependency management system.  He's also stymied by
this behavior - he can't preload a stylesheet dependency and then
actually use it when an @import appears, because it requires a fresh
fetch and object.

So, I'm trying to fix this.  I think I can address both of these
problems by making CSSRuleList constructable, and making it sharable
across Stylesheet objects.  When the UA is constructing them, it
dedupes based on URL within the current top-level document, so all
uses of a given URL share a single CSSRuleList object, though they
generate different Stylesheet objects.

This has an obvious possible compat issue - if people currently import
the same url in multiple places and edit instances, expecting them to
be separate, this will make any changes to one sheet affect every
import.  I suspect that's super-rare?

Anyway, anyone have thoughts on this?  I plan to go ahead and figure
out how to make most of the CSSOM hierarchy constructable, since I
might as well once I start in on this project.


Received on Saturday, 16 August 2014 00:24:33 UTC