Re: [css-counter-styles] Changes for upcoming LCWD

On 08/13/2014 05:42 PM, L. David Baron wrote:
> On Wednesday 2014-08-13 12:43 -0700, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> We finished up the DoC for Counter Styles:
>> There were a number of substantive changes since the last LCWD;
>> they've been summarized in the Changes section:
>> It's now ready to publish as a fresh LCWD.  We plan to publish next
>> Thursday (Aug 21). We encourage people to review the changes and
>> comment before then.
> I'd somewhat like to see this spec go to CR.  We in fact resolved
> for the spec to go to CR back in January [1], but it was never
> published as a CR because Xidorn started raising issues resulting
> from implementing it before the CR actually got published.
> We're currently planning to ship the implementation in Firefox 33
> (expected to ship October 14).  I can justify shipping the feature
> without an official CR based on the fact that the group resolved to
> take the spec to CR and the only reason it didn't go to CR was the
> implementor implementing in Gecko raising issues.  However, it would
> be nice to have an actual CR and not to have to do that.
> Could this publication be a CR rather than an LC?
> (According to [2], the new process doesn't really help since any
> current LC proceeds next to CR under the old process, and from there
> can proceed to CR under the new process.)

I think there were sufficient substantive changes that we do need
to publish as LC. (There were quite a few significant changes.)
But we can take a short (3-week) comment period and hopefully have
this published into CR before the end of September.


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