Re: [selectors] :any-link, :link and :visited should not match HTML's <link>

On 8/13/14, 4:17 PM, Benjamin Poulain wrote:
> I understand Firefox does things differently, but what is the rationale behind that?

The fact that this is what the HTML spec said all along?

> Is there a new role for <link> I am unaware of?

No, just the old one dating back to HTML 4.

> Is it intended to replace <a> in some cases?

In theory.  Things like <link rel="next">.  In practice UA support was 
spotty, as was website support.

> If you use -moz-any-link with querySelector on Firefox, half of the results are for stylesheets which is never what authors want.

I can't speak to what authors using -moz-any-link "want", but what it's 
_meant_ to do is match links (<a>, <area>, and <link> elements with href 
attributes, in practice) for styling with the default link styles in the 
UA stylesheet.  Do the authors expect to see their <area> elements in 
the return value of that querySelectorAll [I assume you meant that, not 
querySelector] call?


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