Re: [css-inline] raised initial letter and previous paragraph

On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 4:10 PM, Alan Stearns <> wrote:

> Dave,
> Examples 3 and 4 [1] show initial letters that are raised above the top of
> the paragraph. It¹s not mentioned how that paragraph relates to the
> paragraph above. My assumption is that the relation between the top of the
> initial letter and the previous paragraph does not change. So the effect
> of changing initial-letter from 3 to '2 3' is just that the rest of
> paragraph after the initial letter shifts down one line.

I would be OK with that, and would be in line with current behavior, where
a pure raised cap (i.e. just a big letter on the first line of a para)
essentially pushes down the para.

> If that's correct, then it should probably be mentioned in the spec. I¹ve
> just had a conversation about whether the raised cap would collide with
> the previous paragraph (my own temporary insanity) or if the letter might
> exclude lines in the previous paragraph.

I'll try to clarify that in the spec.

We did talk about the other case in Seoul, where if the drop initial
extends below the rest of the para it should exclude around a following
"normal" para, and push down a following para that itself has a drop



> [1]

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