[css-flexbox] getting flex base size from aspect ratio, with explicit "flex-basis:auto"

Hi www-style,

The flexbox ED says the following about determining flex basis:

 #  [dholbert: If the flex item has an indefinite flex basis,
 #   so that we get past option (A), AND...]
 # (B) If the flex item has ...
 #      * an intrinsic aspect ratio,
 #      * a flex basis of 'main-size', and
 #      * a definite cross size
 #     then the flex base size is calculated from its inner cross size
 #     and the flex item’s intrinsic aspect ratio.

I think that second bullet-point under B should be expanded to include
explicit 'auto' for flex-basis. So it should say:
 #      * a flex basis of 'main-size' or 'auto', and

Otherwise (with the current spec language), we'll use the intrinsic
aspect ratio inconsistently. We'd use it here:
 <img style="flex-basis:main-size;height:auto;width:30px">
...but not here:
 <img style="flex-basis:auto;width:30px">

(assuming this <img> is an item in a vertical flex container)


Received on Thursday, 7 August 2014 21:15:11 UTC