Re: [css4-text] text-align: auto

> On Aug 2, 2014, at 10:09 AM, Lea Verou <> wrote:
> I’m leaning towards agreeing with François here. Is there any other application of this kind of alignment, besides spreadsheets?

Sure. Any tabular information with dollar amounts in one column, but which sometimes might have text.  

Actually, what I'd really like for that is decimal alignment on the numbers, and a secondary alignment choice for how all the text and numbers align after the numbers are lined up (that is, where to put the left over space of the widest numbers or of the text, after you've lined up the decimals). 

So for instance, 'text-align: decimal-center' would be the same as 'text-align: center' if there was no decimal in the cell (no period character followed by a number, or if there is more than one period in the same cell). If it is a decimal, and there is horizontal space left over in the table column after decimal alignment, then get the width of the widest number and use it to center the whole text column of decimal aligned numbers within the table column. 

> Also, this sounds like it would have the same perf issues as :content(), which was dropped.

I don't think the property based on content would have the same performance issues as a selector based on content. 

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