Re: [css4-text] text-align: auto

>>> Spreadsheet applications support automatic text alignment in cells.
>>> That means numeric values are right-aligned and everything else is
>>> left-aligned (or rather start-aligned). This is the default behavior.
>> To my knowledge, no platform ever featured this kind of "automatic" 
>> text-alignement built-in.
> What do you mean by “platform”? How are spreadsheet applications not a 
> “platform”?

Any general-purpose application SDK (i.e. HTML + CSS + JS / WPF + .NET / 
Java + Swing / Win32 + C++ / ...)

> I believe CSS should not deal with the business logic of a particular app.
> CSS should make authoring easy.

Making authoring easy != creating the union of all posible apps and ship it, 

(Anyway, opinions here are just mine) 

Received on Friday, 1 August 2014 13:05:04 UTC