Re: [css-masking] mask-box-slice: fill definition

On Apr 23, 2014, at 10:43 AM, fantasai <> wrote:

> On a related note,
>  # The middle image part is discarded (treated as fully transparent
>  # black) unless the fill-box keyword is present.
> This means that by default, the padding box of the element is
> masked out (not shown).
> I think that's the opposite of the intended behavior. :)
> By default, the middle part should be shown, not masked out.

‘fill’ is the initial value and usually the middle part of the image allows the content to show through. Therefore, it won’t clip out the middle part of the content. This is the current behavior in WebKit and Blink.

The question is if it is expected that the middle part of the content dose not show through if ‘fill’ is not specified. It might not be expected. After all, mask-box will usually be used to mask the edges of the element.

I think it is better to change the behavior to not mask the middle of the content at all if ‘fill' is not specified. 


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