[css-counter-styles] About space between bullet and content


During implementing of this spec, one thing we noticed that is not
mentioned in the document is the space between bullet and content. Though I
do not think it is something necessary to be covered in spec, dbaron has a
different opinion.

Currently, for list-style-type defined before this spec, Gecko use
padding-end: 0.5em on bullet to separate bullet with content, and
WebKit/Blink seem to append a space character to the bullet. However, since
this spec introduces arbitrary suffix, a problem is present.

The problem is that, some suffixes like ideographic comma, the suffix of
cjk-decimal and some other East Asian counter styles, have space inside
themselves. If additional space is appended, the visual gap between bullet
and content will be too wide. To solve this problem, in Gecko, we suppress
the padding when the suffix is ideographic comma, and plan to also apply
this suppression to suffixes end with some other punctuations including
ideographic full stop, and fullwidth comma, full stop, and colon.

Since I find no normative text mentions the space between bullet and
content, any comment of this problem should not be normative, either.
However, the spec may want to mention it as an informative note, so that
future implementators can be aware of this problem.

Xidorn Quan

Received on Sunday, 27 April 2014 06:15:28 UTC