Re: [css-flexbox] What to do with an item's height when max-height is applied to the flex container

On Apr 21, 2014 12:58 PM, "Daniel Holbert" <> wrote:
> I agree that this is unambiguous, and that the Firefox / IE behavior
> matches what the spec calls for. (and Blink needs fixing on this.)
> The only ambiguous part, to me, is "do we like the Blink behavior
> better". :)  I kind of like it, as a logical extension of the special
> case in Step 8.
> If we do prefer the Blink behavior, we could extend Step 8 to say
> something like this, at the end of the "Otherwise" prose:
>   If the flex container has only one flex line (even if it's
>   a multi-line flex container), then clamp the line's cross-size
>   to be within the container's computed min and max cross-size
>   properties.
> This would be a trivial change to implement, and I'd be fine if we
> decided to change the spec along these lines. (I don't feel strongly
> about it, though.)

Agreed that it would be an easy change to make, and it might be better. I'd
want to see if there are any other places where we should take notice of
the container's min and max sizes, though.

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