Re: [css-flexbox] Fixing a mistake with flex-grow betwen 0 and 1

On 04/17/2014 02:34 PM, Daniel Holbert wrote:
> am I correct in thinking that
> the old algorithm could be tweaked to match the new algorithm simply by
> making some simple modifications to old-step-5 ("Distribute free space
> proportional to the flex factors")[1]? The following modifications in
> particular:
>  - If we're using flex-grow, and the sum of flex-grow factors is < 1,
> then use the flex-grow factor directly.
>  - If we're using flex-shrink, and the sum of flex-shrink factors is <
> 1, then renormalize the scaled flex shrink factors so that their total
> is equal to the sum of [unscaled] flex-shrink factors, and use these
> renormalized values directly.

Actually, I think I've come up with an even simpler tweak to the old
algorithm that achieves the same thing as the new algorithm, but I'll
suggest it in a new thread.

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