Re: [css-color] Feedback on the image-orientation CSS property

On 04/16/2014 12:21 PM, Justin Novosad wrote:
> Hi,
> In this discussion thread, concerns were raised regarding whether image-orientation should be a CSS property:
> tl;dr:
>   * Property should be move to markup: it is more semantic than stylistic. Image orientation affects the content.
>   * It would be desirable to take image orientation into account when drawing an image to 2D canvas or WebGL. If orientation
>     is expressed by a CSS property, that would imply making canvas draws dependent on style computation.
> Thoughts?

I agree that it belongs more in markup. The reasons for it
being in CSS are largely historical: it was initiated by
the print industry way back for handling photo printing
and was implemented as part of the Paged Media module. We
moved it out once we had an Images module, which seemed
like a more appropriate place to put it.

I have no problem with deprecating it in CSS.


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