Re: [css-color] Feedback on the image-orientation CSS property

On Wednesday 2014-04-16 12:21 -0700, Justin Novosad wrote:
> Hi,
> In this discussion thread, concerns were raised regarding whether
> image-orientation should be a CSS property:
> tl;dr:
>    - Property should be move to markup: it is more semantic than stylistic.
>    Image orientation affects the content.
>    - It would be desirable to take image orientation into account when
>    drawing an image to 2D canvas or WebGL. If orientation is expressed by a
>    CSS property, that would imply making canvas draws dependent on style
>    computation.

It seems reasonable to me to have an attribute that says that the
EXIF orientation should be honored be part of the content.  I don't
know if the rest of what's in image-orientation is needed (either in
markup or in CSS); I'd be happy to drop it from Gecko with such a
replacement, assuming that it's not going to lead to a huge amount
of churn (since image-orientation is already something we're
shipping and depend on internally, and I'd rather not have to redo
it multiple times).


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