[css-flexbox] Point of "Recalculate free space" step in loop?

Hi Tab,

AFAICT, the "Recalculate free space" step in the Resolving Flexible
Lengths loop isn't useful right now. (and perhaps needs changing to make
it do something useful?)

In particular - I don't see how the free space calculated before the
loop would differ from the free space calculated on each loop iteration
(and hence, the recalculation seems unnecessary).

Both before the loop and during the loop, the algorithm calculates the
free space as follows: are calculated as follows...

   # Sum the outer flex base sizes of all items on the line,
   # and subtract this from the flex container’s inner main
   # size. This is the free space.

...and none of the values involved there (flex base sizes,
margin/border/padding for "outer"-ness, flex container's main size) are
going to change as we loop. So the calculation should always be the
same, right?

(Perhaps for frozen flex items, we want to be summing their outer *main
sizes*, not their outer *flex base sizes*?)



Received on Thursday, 10 April 2014 19:01:28 UTC