Re: Errata and ED (was:: [css3-flexbox] Children of flex items ignoring cross-axis percentage length)

* Simon Sapin wrote:
>Daniel, you may want to look at the ED, which has errata applied:
>(This exact bit was actually missing, but I fixed it yesterday and went 
>through the rest of the CSS 2 errata to double-check the ED.)
>When looking at /TR, readers are apparently expected to look at the 
>errata document at all times and do mental the substitution themselves. 
>This just doesn’t work IMO.

The problem is that the CSS Working Group doesn't follow the W3C Process
for maintaining specifications. Starting with the refusal to subject the
proposed errata to the proper review so they can become normative (as it
notes, "These errata have the same status as a Working Draft", i.e., not
normative), and the deliberate refusal to update the specification with
errata applied. Ordinarily, there cannot be normative errata for longer
than six months without a revised specification,

  In order for the corrections to remain normative, the Working Group
  MUST incorporate them into an edited Recommendation. The Working Group
  MUST publish the revised Recommendation within six months after the
  end of the review or secure an extension from the Director.
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