Re: [css3-background] Box-shadow spread with border-radius

On 03/24/2014 09:36 AM, Matt Rakow wrote:
> Hi all,
> There seem to be a couple issues with the wording of the new box-shadow spread behavior with border-radius:
> 1. "when the ratio r of a border radius to the spread distance
>    is less than one" -- this should be the magnitude of the ratio,
>    to account for negative spread distances.

Hm. Actually, I don't think this should apply to negative spread
distances. Or if it does, it needs to be a different formula: if
the spread distance is negative and equal in magnitude to the
border radius, it is going to result in a sharp corner regardless.

   1+(1-1)^3 = 1 ratio adjustment

   20px + -20px*1 = 0 effective spread radius

I've made the adjustment for positive spreads only, for now.
(Equivalent to no change from the previous CR.) Let me know
if you think something else would be better.

> 2. The example formula is missing a closing parenthesis --
>    10px + 20px(1 + (.5 - 1)^3


> 3. The definition does not explicitly state if the formula should
>    be applied independently to the X and Y directions.  I think
>    the answer is that it should, but it should probably be noted
>    in the spec text.


Thanks for the review!


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