[css-grid] Intrinsic / preferred logical widths on the grid element

Hi everyone,

AFAICT there is no definition for the intrinsic / preferred logical
widths on the grid element.

Currently Blink has a set of heuristics to return something in this
case but it wasn't really good and duplicated some of the logic from
the layout algorithm found in the specification.

It turns out that if you run the algorithm [1] with
AvailableLogicalSpace = 0, you get accurate answers without requiring
any extra code (and no layout as the algorithm stands [2]):
- The sum of the grid tracks' UsedBreadth is the minimum logical width
- The sum of the grid tracks' MaxBreadth is the maximum logical width

Would that sound reasonable as a definition for intrinsic sizes?


[1] http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css-grid/#function-ComputeUsedBreadthOfGridTracks
[2] However the issue of orthogonal writing mode between the grid
element and the grid items could change that.

Received on Tuesday, 1 October 2013 23:38:58 UTC