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Bobby Tung wrote:

 > Just noticed there is a example in Simplified Chinese.
 > I believe that both in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, leader are using "⋯"[MIDLINE HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS]. Especially in vertical writing books.[1]
 > [1]:

Thanks for posting the leader example is in picture 12. It seems it
can be recreated with code like this:

  a::after { content: leader('⋯') target-counter(attr(href url), page) }

 > In movable type, the solution is :
 > 自左拾遺移官華州又離
 > 輾轉至同谷時期的詩作⋯⋯四十二
 > But in books now it always be:
 > 自左拾遺移官華州又離
 >                                     ⋯⋯四十二
 > 輾轉至同谷時期的詩作
 > Both are ok, and when meet long heading like this, editor always asks to split the heading into 2 line.

Good to know, this also seems to be the case in western writing. 


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