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Re: [css-page] positioning of crop marks

From: MURAKAMI Shinyu <murakami@antenna.co.jp>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 06:57:20 +0900
To: "Cramer, Dave" <Dave.Cramer@hbgusa.com>
Cc: "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20131116065719.1828.C598BCD7@antenna.co.jp>
"Cramer, Dave" <Dave.Cramer@hbgusa.com> wrote on 2013/11/14 3:02:53
> Antenna House also has:
>  -ah-printer-marks-zero-margin
> which is what I would call the marks offset, but it only works in the case where there's zero bleed. I suspect that if there is bleed, AH sets the mark offset to the bleed value, which doesn't meet some of my use cases.

> So, I would propose adding three properties to css3-page, in addition to bleed and marks:
> Name: mark-offset
> Value: length
> Initial: 12pt
> Applies to: page context
> Inherited: no
> Media: visual, paged
> Computed value: as specified
> Percentages: refer to width of page box

I think the initial value of the mark-offset should be auto.
It depends on the style of crop marks.
(the mark-style property will be defined in level 4)

We use "double crop marks", the combination of crop marks and bleed marks.

(The following article helps understanding a Western style crop marks and bleed marks)
InDesign / Printer’s marks and bleeds

There are a bit different double crop marks style, the crop marks and bleed marks are connected. This style is very common in Japan and InDesign's Japanese version uses this style by default.
(Antenna House uses this style too.)
The illustration in the following article shows this style:

DTP/Basic Knowledge of Printing: Bleed & Trim Marks

With this crop mark style, the mark-offset equals to the bleed length.

So I would like to suggest the following:

Name: mark-offset
Value: auto | <length>
Initial: auto

auto: 6pt if no bleeds, otherwise the bleed length

BTW, the standard bleed (and mark-offset) length is 3mm in Japan (and other many countries, probably).
I'm not against with 6pt but would like to know whether this is acceptable default bleed length for other people.

Shinyu Murakami
Antenna House
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