[mediaqueries] resolution and device-pixel-ratio

During a recent conf call, while discussing the resolution and  
device-pixel-ratio media queries, it seemed that many people suggested  
that the "resolution" MQ has failed, and that we should pave the cow  
paths, and standardize device-pixel-ratio, possibly as an alias to  

Technically, this would not be difficult, but we had explicitly decided to  
do the opposite when we finished MQ3. I am not sure if this change of  
position reflects a change in opinion across the WG, or merely who was  
attending this particular conf call.

This is what we wrote about it back then:

Similarly, MDN advises against device-pixel-ratio in favor of resolution:

As far as I know:
Gecko and Blink (and Presto) supports resolution, including the dppx unit.
IE has it without the dppx unit.
Webkit sticks to -webkit-device-pixel-ratio only

Resolution is more interoperable than when we chose it as the path  
forward, so I am not sure I understand why this is being reopened.

At this stage, I think what is relevant is not some much anyone's (me  
included) naming preference, but what browser vendors plan to do.

  - Florian

Received on Saturday, 9 November 2013 15:50:40 UTC