Re: [css3-fonts] font-language-override: substantive comments

On 28/05/13 9:46 PM, Andrew Cunningham wrote:

> A practical example would be the fonts Myanmar Text, a system font on
> Windows 8 which has a language system "KAR" for the Karen languages ant
> Padauk and Padaik Book which has a language system for S'gaw Karen 'ksw'.

According to the OpenType language system tag registry, the correct tag 
for Karen languages is 'KRN'. The 'KAR' tag is assigned to the Turkic 
Karachay(-Balkar) language. While this may suggest a bug in the Myanmar 
Text font, it does raise the question as to whether one should be able 
to rely on fonts using standard, registered language system tags.


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