Re: [css3-regions] Regions scrollbars

On 5/28/13 10:07 AM, "Andrei Bucur" <> wrote:

>The spec currently states that a value of region-fragment: auto on the
>last region makes is use the behaviour defined by the overflow property.
>This implies the last region can display scrollbars to allow navigation
>through the remaining content.
>However, it is not specified if the previous regions can have or not
>scrollable content. If there's an image that doesn't fit the region it's
>laid out in and the region has overflow: scroll specified, should the
>region display scrollbars to allow the users to scroll to see all the

Yes. I've been meaning to update the region-fragment example to include
some content that overflows in the inline direction, to show how the
overflow property applies to all regions no matter what region-fragment is
set to. And content can overflow in the block direction in some
circumstances as well. So any region in a region chain could have
scrollbars in both directions.



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