Re: [css-regions] Changed @region rule to ::region() pseudo-element

>> Anyway, the rest of my argument stands. I still think @region is more elegant and readable and writable, without resorting to workarounds for the inherent problems of the pseudo-element approach, workarounds which can't really give it enough help to restore the original simplicity and elegance of the @rule approach.
> While I agree with you that the grouping allowed by @region was good
> (we've received feedback that the repetition required to use
> ::distributed() isn't great either), I'd rather solve it generically
> by reworking my Hierarchies (Nesting Rules) draft.
> In other words, I support keeping ::region(), and then working on a
> generic nesting solution that'll fix the repetition.
> ~TJ

I don't generally respond with a +1, but this sounds really good to me so:  +1.

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Received on Friday, 24 May 2013 02:39:05 UTC