[css3-fonts] Font Feature Resolution: Copyedits



   # General and font specific font feature property settings


   # in ascending precedence order

in ascending order of precedence

   # 2 ... the font-variant descriptor
   # 3 ... the font-feature-settings descriptor

Use single quotes to link these up to their definitions.

   # setting a non-default value for the ‘letter-spacing’
   # property disables ligatures

If I understand correctly, this is... not entirely true.
Ligatures used within a grapheme cluster shouldn't be
turned off, e.g. for complex scripts, right?

   # any other CSS property that may use OpenType features

s/may use/uses/

   # low-level font feature settings


   # except where explicitly noted

except as explicitly defined
(since notes are not normative, figured it's best to avoid


   # When the font-variant descriptor is used within


   # Stylistic alternate sets will only be used where MainText
   # is used.

I suggest s/sets/sets 1 and 3/ to be clearer that we're tying
these particular values to MainText.

   # Text rendered with the fallback serif font will use
   # default rendering properties.

Add "(not italics)" to the end there?

   # Adding an discretionary style rule with the @font-face
   # above:
   #   body         { font-family: main, Helvetica; }
   #   span         { font-feature-settings: "dlig"; }
   #   span.special { font-variant-ligatures: no-discretionary-ligatures; }
   # Within spans of class "special", discretionary ligatures
   # will be rendered.

I think this example would provide a clearer contrast with
the previous if written as

   | Suppose we add a 'font-feature-settings' rule that
   | enables discretionary ligatures:
   |   span        { font-feature-settings: "dlig";}
   | In this case, discretionary ligatures <em>will</em> be
   | rendered within spans of class "special".


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