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Rik Cabanier skriver:
> From, notice the pulldown tab that
> says "An event MP2013".
> The designer had to rasterize this to an image because there's no way to
> draw this with CSS. If he had blending, he could have drawn the text as
> a black div with white glyphs and apply a 'darken' blend mode. This
> blend mode would pick the darkest color, which in this case would be the
> clouds and the sky of the backdrop.

I'd call that an inverted mask. Not a blend mode.

> Notice how the text inherits the texture (probably an overlay blend
> mode). To get this effect people have to rasterize text in photoshop and
> place it precisely.

Brown with some alpha. Hardly a blend mode.

> This is again an image, but it could be implemented as a bunch of
> rotated div's with rounded corners, filled with different colors
> (gradients?) and a multiply blend.

You seem correct.

> There are many subtle blend modes on this page.
> I'll pick out the most obvious on. Pull on the tab and hover over the
> flash animation. The rays of the sun are using a 'screen' animation.
> (opacity would darken the rays)

That's an alpha gradient.

Note that I do support the idea of blend modes in CSS.

For fun and completeness, here are the ones that Flash supports:

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