Re: [css3-regions] flow-into: <ident> content-only

On Thursday 09 May 2013 03:18:48 Rossen Atanassov wrote:
> According to the minutes [1] from 4/24/13 there was a request to me
> to provide a use case for the flow-into: <indet> content-only;
> proposal. Here it is.
> The ability for authors to separate content from views when
> populating templates.  For example, a news aggregator has a set of
> predefined views she uses to display content that is coming from an
> external source.  These views are defined by one author and the
> content is defined by another author. The views can be composed from
> various fragment containers.  The containers can be predefined or
> dynamically created (programmatically or declaratively) based on the
> content overflow.  The ability to flow the content of a container,
> removes the requirement of having to make all of its individual
> content pieces to become part of a flow chain.  For example, an
> article with the header, sub-headers, and paragraphs doesn't have to
> carry the container with it when it is placed into the view.  The
> advantage of this model is that news aggregators can define name
> flows to flow content from an external source to view on their site.
> This is more manageable than forcing developers to directly insert
> those elements into the view or directly use iframes to display all
> content on one view.

So, if I understand correctly, 'content-only' resets the 'display' 
property. In other words,

    flow-into: region1 content-only

is equivalent to

    flow-into: region1; display: inline

> [1]

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