Seeking Help on CSS Properties for Web Platform Docs [off-topic]

Hi, folks-

(Sorry for the somewhat off-topic email, but this is the perfect 
community to find experts in CSS who are already participating in the 
community. We won't make a habit of posting about this, I promise!)

You may have heard of, our community-driven, 
multi-stakeholder effort to make a reusable, vendor-neutral "Wikipedia 
for Web Developers and Designers".

We're still in alpha phase, but we have been focused on improving our 
CSS documentation, through the efforts of individuals in the community 
and representatives from the companies involved. We now have a 
systematic process for contributions from CSS aficionados and experts, 
with a new batch of topics every Wednesday [1]. And where better to find 
CSS experts than on www-style?

This week, we are focused on text properties from the level 3 CSS Text 
and CSS Text Decoration Modules [2].

If you are willing to help with even one page, it would be greatly 
appreciated. Here are the tasks you can help with for each reference 
* Basic facts, such as overview table, syntax, and values
* Explanatory text, such as the introduction (summary), usage, and notes
* Examples, with explanations
* Links to tutorials and other materials (either inside WPD or on the 
wider web), to the relevant specifications, and cross-linking keywords 
to other reference articles
* Review, including flagging and unflagging

If you are willing to participate in this review, please get in touch 
with Julee Burdekin (CCed) or me, and we will be coordinate with you to 
make sure that the right articles get the right amount and type of help.

If you know others who would be willing to do this review, please feel 
free to pass this email along!

After we incorporate your contributions and have solid docs, we will ask 
for a round of review from the editors of the specification themselves, 
to make sure that we have captured the nuances of the features.

Once the documentation is refined and polished, the main task will be 
updating it with new information and new technologies. At this point, it 
will be much easier to manage and to get help from spec editors and 
working groups in guiding doc development for emerging specs, which will 
in turn make it easier for you (and an even wider set of designers and 
developers) to be informed about these new technologies and to learn how 
to use them... and to provide feedback into the functionality.

We are very excited by the prospect of having this active, living 
feedback loop, and we hope you can help us make it happen.


-Doug Schepers
W3C Developer Relations Lead

Received on Wednesday, 22 May 2013 17:44:13 UTC