Re: [specprod] Using "Applies to" in descriptors to identify the at-rule

fantasai wrote:

> > Nope.  Descriptors are not properties, there's a whole set stuff in
> > propdefs that don't make sense for descriptors.  Here's the
> > 'font-style' descriptor definition in CSS3 Fonts:
> >
> >    Name:  font-style
> >    Value:  normal | italic | oblique
> >    Initial:  normal
> >
> > Why would the definition of a *descriptor* need an "Applies to" line
> > when it's defined as part of the definition of the @font-face rule?
> Well, we have similar things in, for example, @counter-style. And
> probably will have similar things in other at-rules. So I think
> it does make sense to, in the descdef table, write down the at-rule
> to which the descriptor belongs.

In that context what you're describing is "defined within" not
"applies to". Conflating descriptors with properties in any way is a
bad idea, so we shouldn't be "reusing" fields in the way proposed.


John Daggett

Received on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 03:36:53 UTC