Re: [css-syntax] Ready for wide review, FPWD request coming soon

Le 19/05/2013 09:27, Zack Weinberg a écrit :
>>> * 4. Unicode-range tokens may need a "valid" flag.  I need to
>>>    cross-check the code in Gecko against the algorithm in this spec
>>>    carefully, but the definition of UNICODE-RANGE in CSS2.1 included
>>>    several forms that were semantically invalid.
>> The parser in Syntax ended up only accepting valid unicode ranges
>> (except that it does, technically, allow for ranges where the min is
>> higher than the max).  This is more restrictive than CSS 2.1, but it
>> only fails to cover things that were invalid in the first place.
> I will pay careful attention to this section when I go back through.

Note that in addition to invalid ranges that make the declaration 
dropped, what css-syntax calls an "empty range" is either "invalid and 
ommited" or just "ommited". I’ll write in another thread so that 
css-fonts doesn’t here "invalid" in this case.

Simon Sapin

Received on Monday, 20 May 2013 15:35:34 UTC