[css-variables][css-cascade] interaction of variables with "initial", "inherit", "default" and the "all" shorthand

Two issues.  First, if you have:

   #a { var-x: 1; }
   #a > * { var-x: inherit; }

is the computed value of var-x "1" or "inherit"?  From my reading of 
css-cascade, it would be.  There should at least be a note in 
css-variables saying whether it works like this.

Second, if you have:

   #b { var-x: 1; all: initial; }

does 'all' also include custom properties?  If it does, does this 
declaration set var-x to its initial (empty) value, or does it set it to 
the keyword "initial"?

Received on Monday, 20 May 2013 08:50:09 UTC