Re: [css-syntax] Ready for wide review, FPWD request coming soon

>> * 4. Didn't we resolve to remove the "id"/"unrestricted" distinction
>> for HASH tokens from Selectors, and thus also from here? (I could
>> be misremembering.)
> Not yet! I'm supposed to be doing a google-data search to find hashes in selectors that aren't valid idents. As long as I don't find anything damning, though, we are dropping the distinction.

I don't think we resolved on this yet, and I changed my mind because of an argument given by email after the last conf call discussion. (I can't find the reference right now, sorry.)

That is, lifting this restriction on ID selectors would be nice but it's more important that they are consistent with class selectors, which are definitely delim(.) + ident. Lifting the restriction on class selectors too would mean dealing with number and dimension tokens, let's not go there.

Simon Sapin

Received on Saturday, 18 May 2013 01:53:27 UTC