[css3-fonts] Minor Comments III


   # 3.6 Relative sizing: the font-size-adjust property

Suggest calling this "X-height sizing", since that better
explains what it really does.

   # This property allows authors to specify an aspect
   # value for an element that will effectively preserve
   # the x-height of the first choice font, whether it is
   # substituted or not.

This doesn't seem like a very accurate description of
the property. It only preserves the x-height of the first
choice font if you specify that font's x-height as its
value. Maybe, taking a cue from dbaron, something like

   | This property allows equalizing font sizes by ex-height
   | rather than em-height.


# Authors can use this value to specify that font size
# should be normalized across fonts based on the x-height
# without the need to specify the aspect ratio explicitly.

Suggest s/based onthe x-height/by matching their x-heights/ ?


   # The ‘font’ property is, except as described below,
   # a shorthand property for setting ‘font-style’, ‘font-variant’,
   # ‘font-weight’, ‘font-stretch’, ‘font-size’, ‘line-height’,
   # ‘font-family’ at the same place in the stylesheet. Values
   # for the ‘font-variant’ property may also be included but
   # only those supported in CSS 2.1, none of the font-variant
   # values added in this specification can be used in the
   # ‘font’ shorthand:
   #   <font-variant-css21> = [normal | small-caps]
   # The syntax of this property is based on a traditional
   # typographical shorthand notation to set multiple properties
   # related to fonts.
   # All font-related properties are first reset to their initial
   # values, including those listed in the preceding paragraph
   # plus ‘font-size-adjust’, ‘font-kerning’ and all font feature
   #  properties.

I suggest we be a little clearer up font about what's being
set/reset here by moving that information up into the first
paragraph. Here's a possible rewording:

   | The 'font' property is a shorthand for setting 'font-style',
   | 'font-variant', 'font-weight', 'font-stretch', font-size',
   | 'line-height', and 'font-family' at the same place in the
   | style sheet. It also resets all other font-related properties
   | (those defined in this module) to their initial values.
   | However, only the CSS2.1 values of 'font-variant' are valid
   | in the shorthand notation:
   |   <font-variant-css21> = [normal | small-caps]
   | First, all properties affected by the shorthand are set to
   | their initial values. Then, those properties that are given
   | explicit values in the ‘font’ shorthand are set to those
   | values.

   # For reasons of backwards compatibility, it is not possible
   # to set ‘font-size-adjust’ to anything other than its initial
   # value using the ‘font’ shorthand property; instead, use the
   # individual property.

I missed the issue here, why is this the case? Is it a Quirks-mode


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