[css3-fonts] Minor Comments Part II

   # This property indicates the desired height of glyphs from the font.

Shouldn't that be "desired size"? Because in vertical typesetting
with proportional or non-square glyphs, it's not necessarily the

   # A <relative-size> keyword is interpreted relative to the table
   # of font sizes and the font size of the parent element.

I'd tighten this up to "and the computed 'font-size' of the parent".

   # A length value specifies an absolute font size (that is independent
   # of the user agent's font table).

s/that is//

   # The following table provides user agent's guideline

This is non-grammatical... more like Engrish.

   # avoid creating font-size resulting in less than 9 pixels

s/pixels/device pixels/ because we have too many pixels in CSS...

*** The following is a substantive issue. ***

   # The actual value of this property may differ from the computed
   # value due a numerical value on ‘font-size-adjust’ and the
   # unavailability of certain font sizes.

I suspect we want to specify here that the availability of font
sizes doesn't affect layout or unit conversions. (Alternately,
specify that they do.)

*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ***


Received on Thursday, 16 May 2013 22:45:17 UTC