RE: [css-fonts] proposal needed for synthesizing oblique fonts in vertical text

> From: John Daggett []
> From the use cases and examples you've described, authors want some
> form of obliquing (斜体、shatai). That's *not* italics

Yes, I've been discussing about how to synthesize oblique. If you were not, what were you discussing about?

Now by reading what you wrote, I don't understand what you're arguing about, and it looks like you don't understand me either. Could we start from trying to understand each other better?

1. The font-style property defines[1]:
>> If no italic or oblique faces is available, an oblique face can by
>> synthesized by rendering the normal face with a sloping
>> transformation applied
2. I requested to define in which direction the sloping transformation is, especially for East Asian text in vertical flow.
3. In Feb F2F, you wanted to leave it as UA dependent.
4. You updated ED[2] to the new wording as below:
>> If no italic or oblique face is available, oblique faces can be
>> synthesized by rendering non-obliqued faces with a right sloping
>> transformation applied. When synthesizing these faces, the
>> transformation should apply to all glyphs in the same way and
>> not vary based on codepoint or due to horizontal or vertical line
>> orientation.
5. From this, I understood you agreed to define how to synthesize oblique.
6. But I didn't understand how it looks in vertical flow from the text, so asked for clarification.
7. You answered you want #2 of my picture[3], or #1 of your picture[4].
8. I said I want #3 of my picture[3], or #2 of your picture[4].

Where did I misunderstand, or what you don't agree with?

I have all responses to other words you wrote, but it looks to me that clarifying each other's argument is the first thing we need.






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