Re: [css-syntax] <an+b> grammar

On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 3:12 PM, Simon Sapin <> wrote:
> "Tab Atkins Jr." <> a écrit :
>> I'll note, though, that this is now technically *slightly* more
> permissive than the original grammar: if you use any of the "+n" forms, whitespace is now allowed between the "+" and the "n", while it
> was illegal originally.  I couldn't wipe that out without abandoning property grammar entirely, since property grammar is entirely agnostic
> to whitespace between tokens.
> Why? Can't we have property-like grammars that are not agnostic to white space? It seems to me that we're gonna need this for calc(), @supports and Selectors at least.

No, we can't - you'd have to express it in prose.

calc(), @supports, etc. only care about whitespace to force you into
unambiguous situations in some cases.  There's not really a *reason*
to force it - it's perfectly fine to just say that calc is "<number>
<sign> <number>" or whatever, and then have a non-normative note that
recommends whitespace around + and - signs to avoid them being eaten
by the token on either side.  Same with @supports and avoiding
"(foo)and(bar)" because it parses as an and() function - you should be
able to say "(foo)and/**/(bar)" and have it work fine, as it tokenizes

Selectors does indeed need to be explicit about whitespace, but that's
fine - Selectors is special, and is okay to specify in terms of raw
tokens, as it currently is.


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