Re: [css3-text] Korean should be added to enable additional line breaking rule sets

Going back to Koji's original question...
> The recommended code point list for the line-break property[1] has additional
> code points for Japanese and Chinese only, but it was pointed out by my
> Korean friend that Korean should be treated more or less the same way as
> Chinese and Japanese as far as line-breaking is concerned.
> So I'd like to add Korean to the list of content language to enable additional
> set of line breaking rules.
> Please let me/ML know if this doesn't sound like a good idea. Any other opinions
> and/or thoughts are also appreciated.

While I think it's true that Korean should be treated more or less the same
way as Chinese and Japanese wrt line-breaking *in general*, it seems to me
from reading the KLREQ draft
that Korean should *not* be listed alongside Chinese and Japanese in these
particular rules:

So either CSS3 Text should not list Korean here, or the KLREQ document needs
to be updated to describe the cases that would motivate its inclusion in the
'line-break' lists.


Separately, there's an issue of handling such breaks in the case of
'word-break: keep-all', or what the KLREQ document calls "word basis"
line breaking:
It's my impression that this is intended to enable Western-style
line-breaking rules. In which case, none of the breaks described
under the 'line-break' rules should be allowed.

One possible way to resolve this is to have 'auto' implicitly trigger
'strict' line-breaking whenever 'word-break: keep-all' is specified.
Another is to always trigger 'strict' line-breaking whenever 'keep-all'
is specified, regardless of 'line-break's specified value.

It would be helpful if the KLREQ community could step in here with
some guidance.


Received on Saturday, 11 May 2013 03:57:33 UTC