Re: margin-inline-start and friends (was: [CSSWG] Minutes Telecon 2013-05-08)

On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 6:23 AM, Simon Sapin <> wrote:
> Le 09/05/2013 07:54, fantasai a écrit :
>> Flow-Relative Directions
>> ------------------------
>>     TabAtkins: Want to see if Block-axis logical names proposal makes
>>                people happy
>> <dbaron>
>>     TabAtkins: Proposal is to use 'start' and 'end' in both axes, and
>>                when necessary to disambiguate, use e.g. 'block-start' /
>>                'inline-start', or 'row-start' / 'column-start'.
>>     TabAtkins: Would also simplify spec text referring to start/before
>> corner
>>     dbaron: Would existing margin-start/margin-end prefixed
>> implementations
>>             become margin-inline-start/ margin-inline-end?
>>     fantasai: Yes, and that gives you very useful shorthands margin-inline
>>               and margin-block.
> Are the margin-(inline-)start and related properties specified somewhere?
> (In WG-space or not.)
> In particular, how do they cascade or otherwise interact with
> margin-top/right/bottom/left? Are they based on the direction/writing-mode
> properties like layout, or on document knowledge like the :dir()
> pseudo-class?

Not specified anywhere, but supported prefixed in WebKit/Blink at least.

No clue what the cascading story is.  I suspect, when we specify them,
we'll use the established aliasing rules - the logical properties will
be treated as shortcuts for the physical ones.  If we want them to
cascade as an alias, we'll need to base them on document knowledge,
but if we pursue some other strategy that lets them stick around until
computed-value time, we can use the writing-mode properties to direct


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