Re: Broken mailto links in W3C list archives (was: Re: [mediaqueries] calc() and other syntax restrictions)

* Simon Sapin wrote:
>That’s a bug in the "respond to this message" link of our archive, some 
>parts of the mailto link are double-escaped:
>   href="mailto:www-style
>   […]&"
>%253C and %253E should be just %3C and %3E.
>I think I’ve reported it before to W3C webmaster, although I may have 
>just intended to. I’m not sure who has access to fix it.

(member-only) the list archive used to not escape the `<>` at all and it
seems the issue got fixed: the message cited there and others nearby do
not have this problem. I would suggest to report the issue to `sysreq@`
with a copy to a publically archived mailing list for future reference.
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