Re: [mediaqueries] calc() and other syntax restrictions

Am 05.05.2013 08:05, schrieb Simon Sapin:
> Le 02/05/2013 21:46, fantasai a écrit :
>>> Gunther: Don't worry, whatever conclusions that that old thread may
>>> have come to, calc() is definitely allowed in Media Queries, at least
>>> per spec.  (calc() is allowed*everywhere*, because it's just a
>>> fill-in for its resolved type.)
>> I am not so sure about that, and if that's our intent I think it could
>> definitely use some clarification.
> I agree with Tab. Whether or not this was originally intended, calc() is
> allowed in Media Queries per spec.

So far so good ..., unfortunately none of the actual browsers supports it, even
though sites like 'Can I use' ( report calc() as
Indeed it should say that it is only 'Partially supported'.

> That said, I’m always in favor of clarification in specs. And calc() is indeed
> not very useful in MQs, since eg. the em unit is based on the initial
> font-size and not one from a stylesheet.

Sorry, but here I have to disagree! In RWD it is essential to use em unit and
therefor it would also be quite important to ensure that an author may stack his
MQ rules, no matter what the user has set his basic font size to.
This could only be achieved by using the calc() syntax.

And beside of the question if it is useful or not - if the spec allows for it,
it should be supported!
So it is not a topic for this list, but rather one for the browser vendors.



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