Re: Update regarding Unicode caseless matching details [I18N-ACTION-209]

On 23/04/13 21:01, Phillips, Addison wrote:

> Hello CSS,
> A week or so ago I wrote the below email regarding our thinking about CSS Fonts caseless matching. John Daggett participated in our most recent teleconference [1], in which we discussed this again in detail. The Interationalization WG resolved that:
> 1. We feel you should use Unicode C+F case fold matching for font names. We consistently recommend this as the most appropriate matching for your use case as well as the form that recommend in general. By being consistent, we reduce the confusion and the potential for overlapping by incompatible matching schemes.
> 2. We agree that requiring normalization for font names is overkill, that it is inconsistent with specific real world use cases, and that there is no need to impose normalization on implementers as a result.
> Hopefully this should resolve this issue and allow you to process. Please feel free to contact the I18N WG again if further clarification is needed.

Addison, I18N WG,

The CSS WG discussed your message above during its last conf call and
we are fine with your response, in line with what is already in the
spec. Thanks a lot for spending time on this issue.


W3C CSS Working Group, Co-chair

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