Re: [css4-pseudo] The need for more powerful pseudo elements

On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 10:24 AM, Fran├žois REMY
<> wrote:
>> > <td class="shift"><div>content</div></td>
>> > <td class="skew"><div><div>content</div></div></td>
>> >
>> > I don't really care *how* CSS enables me to get rid of those vacuous >
>> > divs,
>> > but I think it definitely *should* be possible to do the styling I want
>> > without them.
>> For this to *actually* work correctly, it needs special-case handling,
>> which has been discussed in the past with approval.
> (I think that what Tab means is that instead of requesting a way to make the
> hack less ugly, it's actually better to get the hack unnecessary in the
> first hand, which is what the CSSWG seems to have agreed on; Tab please
> correct me if I understood you the wrong way)

Yes, I'm talking about an explicit "table-header-angle" property or
whatever, to solve this use-case explicitly.  This use-case can't be
handled generically with the "make transforms affect geometry"
proposal that we'll add at some point.


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