RE: Calling for a massive revamp of Paged Media and GCPM

> Ok. But that does not mean we can just remove these existing features.

Even if the goal is to refactor/simplify them? I'm under the impression the current spec introduces a lot of 'constants' because it uses a "one-fit-all" page model that's not easily customizable. Using a grid, I could define a model that fits my needs. 

What will follow is not a true proposal, just some random thought that popped into my mind when reading Daniel's post, here's what we could do (to display a main document (m) alongside its comments (c) and on top of some foot notes (n)) :

    @page {
          1.5cm 1fr auto 2cm;
          3cm 3fr 1fr 3cm;
    @page::slot(h) {
            "Page " get(page number) " out of " get(page amount)
            " - " the-last-title-found-in-last-page-or-default);
        color: silver;
        font-size: 10pt;
    @page::slot(m) {
        flow-from: document; /* reserved flow */
    #page::slot(c) {
        flow-from: comments;

If there's a move toward more genericity and more shared code with already existing concepts (grid+regions+...), we can simplify the spec a lot. Simplifying the spec can lead to more implementor interest and a better support. 		 	   		  

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