Re: [css3-fonts] Synthesizing oblique, to which direction in RTL and vertical flow?

2013/2/4 Koji Ishii <>:
> In the font-style property[1], it says:
>   A value of 'italic' selects a font that is labeled 'italic',
>   or, if that is not available, one labeled 'oblique'. If no
>   italic or oblique faces is available, an oblique face can
>   by synthesized by rendering the normal face with a
>   sloping transformation applied.
> But it does not state to which direction the slope should be.

I might be wrong but I believe this is language dependent. AFAIK in
Hebrew the slant would be to the right (i.e., same as LTR scripts);
but Arabic and Persian slant to the opposite direction, to the left.

-ambrose <>

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