Re: [selectors4] Open issues

On 04/08/2013 04:22 PM, fantasai wrote:
> There's a good handful of open issues on Selectors 4 that need WG
> discussion to resolve.

Tab and I just finished checking in the changes for these issues,
as resolved in

We would like to request WD publication for next week.

> ISSUE-223:
>    Should Selectors adopt MQ-style invalidation (per comma-separated group)?

Closed issue no change.

> ISSUE-316:
>    Should ID selectors accept all HASH tokens instead of #ident only?

Added issue to spec until we resolve this:

> ISSUE-317:
>    Allow child-index pseudos to select unparented elements

Updated prose and cleaned up indexed-selector section:

> ISSUE-318:
>    Make specificity of :matches() / :not() depend on what was matched

See also rationale wrt specificity of :not()

> ISSUE-319:
>    Need usable selector for empty elements

Added :blank for now:

> ISSUE-320:
>    Profile :matches() / :not() for fast vs. complete implementation

Updated requirements per telecon request:

~fantasai and TJ

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