RE: [css3-writing-modes] before/after terminology alternative?

> I'm not too concerned if JLREQ is inconsistent, I'm a little more concerned
> if Japanese itself is inconsistent.

I think Japanese is inconsistent as much as English is. They won't be consistent without "of what," like, "line head" means left in horizontal flow, and "glyph head" means opposite in Mongolian. "Header" of a vertical flow table may appear either top or right, I guess both are correct from English perspective, no?

I think this is an issue where there won't be a single correct answer, both "head/foot" and "before/after" makes sense in some cases and doesn't in other cases, and therefore we can't make everyone happy.

I'm more concerned that this issue blocks the spec for months. Why doesn't the WG make a vote and decide?


Received on Sunday, 23 September 2012 04:16:40 UTC